Fascia boards are essential components for any property. Exposed to the elements they play a crucial role in protecting the roofspace & rafters of your home. They may mostly go unnoticed, but old, rotten or discolored fascia boards can spoil the look of your home & cause costly damage to your roof rafters.


Soffits are an important part of your roofline, enclosing the underside of your roof space & roof joists. Giving your roofline a clean edged finish.


Your roofline is made up of three main components: fascia boards, soffits & most importantly guttering. Guttering is the drain for your roof carrying the water down and away from your property. It is paramount that your gutters are not blocked or leaking as it can lead to further problems.


Bargeboards are located on the ends of your property, often referred to as the gable end or apex. Not only are bargeboards cosmetic but they also have a very important job of protecting the end rafter which supports the end tile & cement. So it’s very important that your bargeboards are solid and well looked after.


Cladding can be both, external & internal. External cladding is often found on dormers or acting as protection to your property, so it’s important that your cladding is well maintained. Failing to do so could lead to a variety of different issues.